Handwriting Enhancement

Welcome all to the fun and cheer at the captivating ,
an adventure through which you'll learn and earn yourself accolades.
The shy and the bold, the young and the old, there's something for all the grades .
English, science, math and art, be the ace of all the trades.

Experience English Escapades, behold creativity and imagination,
learn new words and idioms, hone writing skills and pronunciation.
Get on top of grammar, master spellings and punctuation;
Learn to write in splendour and style for any situation.

Math Marvels undoubtedly make problem-solving impeccable.
The fun workshops by Stellar Science are certainly inescapable.
Work on your cursive writing - make it beautiful, not just legible.
Learn calligraphy, brush-lettering and several arts, oh so loveable!

Our thoughtful teachers are always here for your little ones so dear,
not only adding to their knowledge but also to the cheer,
So, if you live in Khar , Bandra , Juhu, Santacruz or someplace near,
just step into Classcapades, for your Adventure Begins Here...

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