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Welcome all to the fun and cheer at the captivating   A picture containing text, tableware, dishware, clipart 
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adventure through which you'll learn and earn yourself  accolades -

English Escapades, foster creativity and imagination,
learn new words and idioms, hone writing skills and 

Get on top of  grammar , master spellings and punctuation;
Learn to write in splendour and style for 
any situation.

Math Marvels undoubtedly make problem-solving impeccable.
Our fun 
online workshops  are certainly inescapable.

Work on your  cursive writing - make it beautiful, not just legible.
calligraphy , brush-lettering and several arts, they’re loveable!

Our vivacious 
teachers  are here to get you started, so cheer,
Be it online or offline, your learning  adventure begins here...

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Classcapades is an avenue for enhanced learning especially for school students. The constituent words that make up our name - CLASS and ESCAPADES - represent our mission of providing an exciting classroom learning experience, while transforming education into something that our students will fervently look forward to. It is our untiring endeavour to harness students’ curiosity and joy while at the same time fostering a mindset of learning and growth.


The English Escapades Programme is our flagship offering through which we deliver programmes in early reading development, creative writing, online creative writing, short course in creative writing, vocabulary building, grammar, elocution and much more.

At Classcapades, we also conduct workshops and short courses in varied areas including general knowledge, mathematics, languages, character building, personality development, English handwriting (cursive writing and print writing), calligraphy and hand lettering.


Our English language courses are conducted offline and online.



Our specialised offline course in creative writing, grammar classes, handwriting programmes and IPM mathematics courses serve school students in Bandra, Khar, Santacruz, Juhu and Andheri. Classcapades provides an ambient learning environment where children love to spend time. We employ a student-centred learning approach and work on a feedback-based improvement model that ensures that students have more ownership of their learning.



Beginning from March 2020, we pursued the online platform for our Creative Writing Programmes. We realised that the teaching approach and quality are the most crucial components needed for successful education regardless of the tools you employ. In our pursuit of improving our approach and methods, we have been experimenting with new tools and have employed a set of tools, apps and systems that work best for our students. We have successfully managed to move our curriculum online along with all the fun and adventure that we have offline. We use fun and interactive tools that have not only been popular with students but have also enabled identification and clarification of doubts before children leave the online classroom.  

In less than a year, our reach has gone from local to national and international levels. Our online creative writing course has students from Delhi, Gurgaon, Goa, Bangalore, Chennai, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneshwar and Pune to name a few cities. Our grammar courses and creative writing programmes have become immensely popular in Dubai, Doha Qatar, Singapore and Hong Kong. 

Our online creative writing workshop in the summer of 2020 had over 300 students enrolling from over 22 cities and towns in India. We have been the best online creative writing workshop according to the parents of the enrolled students (Watch Video Testimonial).



Our Programmes

Creative Writing

A one-of-a-kind holistic English language programme

  • Grades: 2 to 10
  • (Online and Offline)
creative writing

English Escapades - Creative Writing

Good English language skills propel children towards success. The English Escapades - Creative Writing Course at Classcapades is one-of-its-kind and is our flagship offering that caters to the holistic development of English Language Skills of our students.

It helps children to think unconventionally and develops their personality through an improvement in their vocabulary, grammar and communication.

The English Escapades - Creative Writing Programme is offered through seven progressive levels to partner with the children through their exciting journey of reading, writing and most importantly enkindling an affinity to the Queen's language.

The Creative Writing course is a universal course that encompasses all the goals of programmes like the short story writing course, the vocabulary building course, the speech and drama course and grammar course.


We also offer dedicated online creative writing courses.

Our Programmes are as follows:
Elementary Creative Writing - Std. 1 and 2
Levels 1 to 5 - Std. 2 to 8
Advanced Creative Writing
Advanced English Programme for Adults

Course Objectives:
Instilling the love for words and improving vocabulary for better composition
Not only expanding vocabulary by rote but also mastering usage of the newly learnt words and idioms
Reinforcing opportune usage of idioms, proverbs and axioms and famous quotations in writing
Using literary devices like exaggeration, simile, metaphor, euphemism, etc. in writing
Inspiring creative thought and imagination for better essays, letters and stories
Structure-based simplification of different writing genres to improve academic writing
Providing writing guides and tools to make writing more organised - (setting and character description / plots)
Practising the various creative writing genres - essays / letters / stories / recounts / persuasive and argumentative essays / news reports / autobiographies and much more
Changing viewpoints / twisting story endings / reinventing the plot of famous stories
Learning to use grammatically correct sentences
Developing a keen eye for detail and building proof-reading skills through editing-based exercises

✦Putting the learnt concepts and writing styles into practise and improving written work on the basis of detailed feedback from the teachers 

Honing elocution, fluency of speech and pronunciation
Developing personality through improved conversational skills

"Language is the apparel in which your thoughts parade before the public."
- George Crane, Language Specialist, writer, journalist and editor

Reading Development

An early-age English reading development programme

  • Grades: Sr. KG, 1 and 2
  • (Online and Offline)
creative writing

Reading Development

The fascinating and endless world of books and the imagination contained within them certainly enthral our tiny tots during their kindergarten and early schooling years. Nevertheless, reading these books may seem a tad intimidating and challenging especially at that tender age. You must have  wondered, “How to improve my child’s reading skills?”

Classcapades offers a structured reading development programme to make your child a confident, self-assured and independent reader. To overcome the hurdle of the phonemic non-adherence of the English language, our reading programmes combine phonic and sight reading strategies to create a reading curriculum that is coherently structured and at the same time attention-grabbing and thought-provoking for our young readers.

Alongside reading, the programmes focus on poetry and elocution, fluency, pronunciation and conversation enhancement.

The programme is conducted in two levels:
Young Readers Programme (YRP) - Sr. KG (Offline only)
Budding Readers Programme (BRP) - Grades 1 and 2

Course Objectives:
Conversing in an articulate, confident and grammatically correct manner
Honing elocution and poetry recitation
Transforming children into independent readers by bolstering their reading skills through activities in phonemic and sight vocabulary
Mastering high-frequency words
Instilling a penchant for reading through group activities and fun-filled games
Strengthening comprehension ability once the reading milestones are achieved
Introducing grammar concepts and familiarising children to the parts of speech
Understanding sentence structure and the role of adjectives & adverbs
Learning to construct interesting sentences and coherent, meaningful paragraphs
Grooming children to take up the English Escapades Creative Writing course in the future

"From your parents you learn love and laughter and how to put one foot before the other. But when books are opened you discover you have wings."
- Helen Hayes

Pro Grammar

An exclusively custom-made programme to help your child master concepts in grammar

  • Grades: 3 and above
  • (Online and Offline)
creative writing

Pro Grammar

Grammar is the software that helps a language run. Grammar gives language its structure and accuracy. In the academic study of English language, it is the only section of an English paper in which a student can unfailingly score 100% marks.

However, the learning of Grammar often takes a backseat, as it is dismissed as something too simple and not deserving of dedicated study.Students and grown-ups too, often gauge the grammatical correctness of a sentence based on auditory familiarity (whether it sounds conventionally correct). This strategy works quite often but it is in no way a reliable tool for ensuring grammatical accuracy.

Grammatical correctness can only be sought through a structured study of relevant concepts, understanding technical terms and analysis of semantic interrelations.

The Pro Grammar course at Classcapades is an exclusively custom-made programme to help your child master concepts in Grammar. A systematic method and approach that emphasises on learning through understanding the function of Grammar concepts rather than by rote. Pro Grammar intends to show children the inherent structure and discipline contained in the English language while it imbibes in children a liking for the study of Grammar.

We also offer dedicated year-long online grammar classes.

Course Objectives:
 Realizing that the study of grammar can be fun
 Grasping and understanding Grammar concepts
 Familiarizing students to the rules as well as the exceptions
 Creating and using strategies (mnemonics) to memorise lists
 Practising Grammar exercises from an academic point of view
 Mastering the subject through Module based learning and assessments
 Encouraging life-long learning through grammar games and discussions
 Establishing credibility amongst peers as a Pro when it comes to Grammar

"Only in Grammar can you be more than perfect."
- William Safire, American author, columnist, journalist, and presidential speechwriter

Math Marvels

A programme for a strong mathematical foundation based on the IPM curriculum

  • Grades: 4 to 7
  • (Online and Offline)
creative writing

Math Marvels - IPM Mathematics

Math Marvels at Classcapades is an annual programme in Mathematics helping students in grades 4 to 7 to build a strong mathematical foundation while at the same time preparing for competitive mathematics examinations. The course is based on the IPM curriculum. 

We also offer an online IPM Mathematics course.

Course Objectives:
 Strengthening basics and fundamentals
 Mastering new concepts through systematic 'easy-to-remember' methods
 Practising to crack the complex multiple-choice-based examination
 Approaching problem solving in a structured manner
 Identifying and appreciating the fun contained within Mathematics
 Nurturing an affinity for Mathematics

"Pure mathematics is the world's best game. It is more absorbing than chess, more of a gamble than poker, and lasts longer than monopoly. It's free. It can be played anywhere; Archimedes did it in a bathtub."
- Richard J. Trudeau, Author Dots and Lines

Handwriting Enhancement

Our much-sought-after vacation programme to hone your cursive or print handwriting

  • Grades: 1 and above
creative writing

Handwriting Enhancement

Handwriting Enhancement - Age 6+
One of our most sought-after programmes, the handwriting enhancement course is a structured eight-day course to significantly improve handwriting (cursive or print type) through habit-building with focus on correct grip, proper proportions, practice and consistency.

The individual attention, motivational approach, the interactive environment and the sprightly ambience eliminate monotony to make this workshop an enjoyable experience.

These programmes are conducted during the vacations only and are open to school and college students and grown-ups as well.

 Advanced Cursive Handwriting
 Intermediate Cursive Handwriting
 Elementary Cursive Handwriting
 Print type Handwriting

Creative Lettering

Calligraphy, brush-lettering, doodle art and much more...

  • Grades: 4 and above
creative writing

Creative Lettering - Calligraphy

Calligraphy, brush-lettering, doodle art and much more…

Calligraphy is more than just 'beautiful handwriting' or 'decorative lettering techniques'. Calligraphy is the art of forming beautiful symbols by hand and arranging them well. It's a set of skills and techniques for positioning and inscribing words so they show integrity, harmony, some sort of ancestry, rhythm and creative fire.

At Classcapades, we offer a unique calligraphy course in Mumbai in Basic and Advanced Gothic Calligraphy. The calligraphy course is for anyone who has the desire and willingness to learn this art of creative lettering. The course is modelled on a tried-and-tested curriculum that progresses in such a way that it makes the learning a structured process to culminate into overall learning of the lettering style.

The programme is for students in grade 4 and above and for grown-ups as well.

Course Objectives:
 Understanding the calligraphy pen
 Learning to make thick and thin strokes
 Familiarizing yourself to an array of unique writing instruments
 Understanding and mastering the fine aspects of word and sentence formation

Parents' Testimonials
Our Annual Magazine
Our Founders

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Glenson Sequeira

Glenson Sequeira, Co-founder – Classcapades, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Psychology, from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and an MBA degree, majoring in Human Resources Management, from Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore. He has four years of corporate experience with Lehman Brothers and HDFC Standard Life in various functions including Human Resources, Training and Development, Diversity and Inclusion and Corporate Philanthropy.

Glenson has immense passion for the English language and the study of English grammar. English has always been an inspiration for him since an early age. His accolades in elocution and debating during school and college days, besides his role as newsletter editor during his graduation and MBA have further honed his interest in the language.

Glenson has nearly a decade of teaching and training experience. He is also a mathematics enthusiast who coaches students for mathematics scholarship exams.

Glenson’s connect with children is certainly a Classcapades USP!


A person smiling for the camera 
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Lovena Mayekar

Lovena Mayekar, Co-founder – Classcapades, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Sociology and Anthropology, from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. She has over a decade of corporate experience in highly esteemed organizations like the British Deputy High Commission, Mumbai, and Eurostar, UAE in varied functions including marketing and sales.
As a ‘Mother’ for two and ‘Miss’ for thousands, nearly two decades of Lovena’s life have revolved around children – her own and then her very own students alike! While her two children have shaped her as a mother, it is her resolve to give them the best that has moulded her into an empathetic teacher and a well-researched mentor!

Lovena is truly a believer of ‘Learning for Life’ and constantly endeavours to develop herself whenever an opportunity presents itself. She has added to her list of credentials a certificate in AMI Children’s House Assistants course from Association Montessori Internationale. Besides, she has also completed ITARD Professional training on dyslexia and dyspraxia under the guidance of the renowned Professor Piero Crispiani from Italy.

Lovena takes immense pleasure in teaching the English language and various art forms. She has in her list of achievements, the credit for the successful development of unique handwriting curriculum alongside structured curricula for calligraphy and brush lettering. She is also the content creator for a series of handwriting enhancement books launched recently by a renowned publisher.

The lively Lovena is indeed the one who puts the escapades in Classcapades!

Be a Stellar Storyteller Contest

Be a Stellar Storyteller - 2020

The ‘Be A Stellar Storyteller’ Contest was initially conceptualised as a boredom-banishing exercise for our students during the extended lockdown in 2020.

Owing to a tremendously enthusiastic response, however, we decided to launch it as an open contest. We were overwhelmed as we received nearly a thousand entries from every part of the country and some across the world as well!


Our Panel of Judges – 2020

Ms Anagha Rajadhyaksha, Founder of Playydate and Co-founder of PING Network

Mr Anansh Prasad, Founder and Managing Director of SkillSphere Education

Ms Salonie Patel Vaidya, Founder of Yellow Brick Way, Founder of Muggle Mom in a Magic World and Senior Campaign Manager at World for All Animal Care and Adoptions

Ms Tanya Mascarehnas, Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) trained Primary Montessori Directress


Winners - Be a Stellar Storyteller Contest – 2020

First Place Winner:

Anuja Randery, 12, of Jasudben M L School, Mumbai, secured first place. Our judges were engrossed in her magical story about a resurrected phoenix and had them turning pages and wanting more! The coherent writing, creativity and imagination, impressive yet opportune use of vocabulary and the well-structured nature of her storyline were unmatched.


Second Place Winner:

Shreya Anna Thomas, 13, of Billabong High International School, Mumbai, secured second place. Her story titled ‘My Sister Rose’ was a delight for all our judges! The emotional depth and the well-structured nature of her storyline impressed judges the most.


Third Place Winner:

Ashita Agarwal, 11, of Oberoi International School, Mumbai, secured third place. Her mystery narration titled ‘The Chocolate Thief’ left the judges mesmerised! The simplicity and the well-structured nature of the storyline was the most alluring aspect of her writing.

Be a Stellar Storyteller - 2021


The second year of the contest witnessed a tremendous response as well. The contest was organised across three age-based categories, and the word limit was curtailed to 700 words. We were overawed to receive nearly a thousand entries from across the country and the world! 


Our Panel of Judges - 2021

Ms. Anagha Rajadhyaksha, Founder of Playydate and Co-founder of PING Network

Mr. Anansh Prasad, Founder and Managing Director of SkillSphere Education 

Ms. Tanya Mascarenhas, Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) trained Primary Montessori Directress

Mr. Noel A de Souza, Conference Interpreter and language enthusiast


Winners - Be a Stellar Storyteller Contest – 2021

Group 1: 8+ years to < 11 years

First Place Winner:

Aadya Goel, 9, of St Theresa’s Convent School, Karnal, for her story ‘The Most Thrilling Sunday’


Second Place Winner:

Swara Sapre, 9, of Vibgyor School Balewadi, Pune, for her story ‘Mark’s First Case’


Third Place Winner:

Shlok Shah, 10, of St. Mary’s School, ICSE, Mazgaon, Mumbai, for his story ‘Mystery of the Missing Ruby’



Group 2: 11+ years to < 14 years

First Place Winner:

Vivaan Talreja, 11, of Podar International School, Santacruz, Mumbai, for his story ‘An Overdose of Face Pack Doesn’t Make You Fairer


Second Place Winner:

Jayveer Kochhar, 9, of Jamnabai Narsee International School, Juhu, Mumbai, for his story ‘A Troubled Tokyo Trip’


Third Place Winner:

Shreyas Akella, 11, of Arya Vidya Mandir High School, Bandra, Mumbai, for his story ‘Tommy the POTUS’



Group 3: 14 years to < 18 years

First Place Winner:

Shuchi Jadhav, 17, of Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai, for her story ‘Seriously! I Am Not a Thief


Second Place Winner:

Diya Barmecha, 15, of Ascend International School, Mumbai, for her story ‘The Pain of Ours’


Third Place Winner:

Arush Desai, 17, of Prabhavati Padamshi Soni International Junior College, Mumbai, for his story ‘Black Sunshine of Broken Mirrors’






Be a Stellar Storyteller - 2022

A plethora of ideas brimming in your mind,

So many plots and genres intertwined,

A mystery, a bit of thrill, some horror or a caper.

They’ll find a pattern as you pour them out on paper,

Besides, you can showcase the talent that you’ve got,

With an impressive vocabulary and the power of your thought.

So, get started right away, create your bestseller -

You’ve got what it takes to Be a Stellar Storyteller

A story writing contest open to all school/college students aged 8 to 18 years.

Write an original story of 300 to 700 words based on any theme or topic.

The main judging criteria will include:

·        Storyline and Originality

·        Characters and Setting

·        Coherence of Thought and Ideas

·        Grammar and Language

Participants must submit their entries through the Google Form: All fields in the entry form must be completely and accurately filled out. Participants must send in their entries on or before Saturday, 28th May 2022.

*4000 characters include spaces and punctuation marks. A 4000-character story is usually between 500 to 800 words long.

Terms and Conditions

      ‘Be a Stellar Storyteller’ is a contest organised by Classcapades, Mumbai, India.

      The brand name Classcapades and its logo are copyrights of Classcapades and are registered trademarks bearing registration number 3595774.

      These Terms and Conditions include information about entering the contest and the prizes that would be awarded.

      Your participation in this contest is automatically deemed to be your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

      There is no cost in terms of fees or charges to enter this contest. However, associated costs like internet access charges must be borne by the participant.

      Stories must be written in English only.

      The contest is open to all participants aged between 8 to 18 years as of 28th May 2022.

      The story should submitted through the Google Form for which the link is available on our website:

      All fields in the entry form must be completely and accurately filled out.

      Participants must send in their entries on or before Friday, 28th May 2022

      The story must bear a title of not more than 75 characters including spaces between words and punctuation marks.

      The story must not exceed 4000 characters including spaces between words and punctuation marks. A 4000-character story is usually between 500 to 800 words long.

      The story must be the original work created by the participant and must not be previously published anywhere.

      The participant alone will be liable for plagiarism and any infringement claim by a third party if the participant’s story contains previously copyrighted content.

      Once an entry has been submitted, it is final and cannot be withdrawn or edited by the participant. However, Classcapades reserves the right to revise the stories before publishing them, if required.

      Only one entry is permitted per person.

      The participant retains the copyright to the story at all times. By entering this contest, all participants are deemed to grant permission for their story to be published (with the participant’s name mentioned) on the Classcapades’ website, magazine, worksheets and social media platforms and any other place.

      There are three age-based categories: (age as on 28th May 2022)

o   8 years to < 11 years

o   11 years to < 14 years

o   14 years to < 18 years

      The first, second and third prize-winning story writers in each category will receive certificates and prizes worth up to 5,000/-

      The first prize-winning story writer in each category will receive a cash prize of 1,000/- and the second prize-winning story writer in each category will receive a cash prize of 500/-

      All first, second and third place winners will also get free access to one five-day Creative Writing workshop module.

      The winning authors grant Classcapades the preferential first rights to publish their winning entries in any future compilation of stories. There will be no additional payment beyond the prize awarded for this contest.

      The final results of the winning stories will be declared on our social media platforms.

      The winner and any shortlisted participants will be contacted via email or mobile phone.

      The Classcapades’ appointed jury’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

      Incomplete entries will be deemed invalid and will be disqualified.

      The winning participants agree not to enter the winning story into any other contest in the future.

      Classcapades reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of entries and participants (including a participant’s identity and place of residence) and to disqualify any participant who submits an entry that is not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or who tampers with the entry process.

      If this contest is interfered with in any way or is not capable of being conducted as reasonably anticipated due to any reason beyond the reasonable control of Classcapades, the Classcapades’ management reserves the right, in its sole discretion, (a) to disqualify any participant; or (b) to modify, suspend, terminate or cancel the contest, as appropriate.

      These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a cost to participate?

There is no charge or fee applicable to participate in the ‘Be a Stellar Storyteller’ contest.


2. How do I register for the ‘Be a Stellar Storyteller’ contest?

You do not need to register. Simply fill out the Google Form: with all the correct details.


3. Can I submit more than one story?

No. Each student may submit only one story.


4. Can parents / grown-ups participate?

The ‘Be a Stellar Storyteller’ contest is only for eight to eighteen year olds. We will, however, have a separate contest for grown-ups. Nevertheless, you may guide your child with the story-writing process.


5. Am I eligible to participate in this contest if I am not enrolled at Classcapades?

All students have ideas and stories brewing in their minds at all times. In order to give them a platform to express their creativity, this contest is open to all school or college students between the ages of eight and eighteen years. You do not have to be enrolled at Classcapades in order to participate.


6. Why is Classcapades conducting this contest?

At Classcapades, we constantly endeavour to promote young authors. We hope to enkindle the love for writing amongst all young children, and the contest serves to acknowledge, encourage, and provide a platform for young storytellers to express their talent. Also, the top three stories will be published in our inaugural Classcapades Magazine alongside the stories written by our in-house creative writing students.


7. How will the prizes be handed out?

Prizes will be handed out through cheque payments made in favour of the winning students or their parents. Any tax payment as applicable is due to be paid by the prize winners.


8. Who will judge the contest?

The Classcapades team will shortlist the top five stories in each age-based category. A panel of three to four eminent members from the spheres of academics and literature will select the top three stories as winners in each category.


9. What are the prizes for the winners?

The first, second and third prize-winning story writers in each category will receive certificates and prizes worth up to 5,000/-

The first prize-winning story writer in each category will receive a cash prize of 1,000/- and the second prize-winning story writer in each category will receive a cash prize of 500/-

All first, second and third place winners will also get free access to one five-day Creative Writing workshop module.







Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q1. What does Classcapades mean?

    Ans. The word 'escapades' means adventure. CLASSCAPADES is a portmanteau formed using the words 'Class' and 'Escapades'. The name symbolises our mission of transforming education into an exciting experience, where our classes are the escapades that students fervently look forward to.

  • Q2. What could I, as a parent, expect from Classcapades?

    Ans. As a parent of a Classcapades' student, you can expect your child to display a renewed confidence justified by improved and articulate speech and conversation, exponentially expanded range of vocabulary and enriched writing skills.

  • Q3. How are the courses offered at Classcapades different from school curricula?

    Ans. Classcapades is an enhanced learning avenue. We therefore ensure that the learning far exceeds school curricula. Though we are not a school-curricula-oriented institute, you will witness a remarkable improvement in your child's performance at school. The vocabulary and writing techniques undoubtedly augment their composition skills in school which translates into better grades.

  • Q4. How will the Creative Writing Programme benefit my child?

    Ans.The Classcapades' Creative Writing Programme partners with you through your child's journey in holistic English language development - conversation, reading, grammar, vocabulary enrichment, elocution and creative writing. The up-to-date curriculum is combined with the perfect teaching methods that are conducive to learning.

  • Q5. How is the English Escapades programme different from a speech-and-drama class?

    Ans. Most speech-and-drama courses enhance spoken English ability. Our English Escapades courses focus on all-inclusive language development. They include both - fluency in spoken English and excellence in written language. Furthermore, our programmes are structured in a manner that helps children retain and use the newly learnt vocabulary and writing techniques.

  • Q6. What is the basis of distinguishing which level a child is at?

    Ans. Our programmes are designed in a manner that develops, complements and enhances children’s abilities in various aspects, such as creative writing, or grammar. Therefore, the objectives of each course level are progressive based on the prior level. We offer trial classes for each course to understand which level suits each child best. To enquire for a trial class, please Contact Us.

  • Q7. How many sessions are conducted during a year?

    Ans. The Creative Writing course is conducted through 40 sessions and the Pro Grammar course is conducted through 36 sessions in an academic year. The classes are conducted once a week.

  • Q8. Can my child join the programmes mid-year?

    Ans.All our annual courses commence in June. However, we permit admissions to the English Escapades courses beyond June as well, subject to availability of seats. In case of late admission, the fee is also charged on a pro-rata basis vis-à-vis the number of classes remaining. Mid-year admissions are not possible for the mathematics courses.

  • Q9. Does Classcapades have any branches?

    Ans. The Classcapades Primary Center is located at Santacruz - West in Mumbai. We have dedicated online batches for Creative Writing which you can access from any part of the globe.

  • Q10. Does Classcapades conduct any online classes?

    Ans. We have dedicated online batches for our Creative Writing Programmes which you can access from any part of the globe.

  • Any further questions?

    Ans. We’d love to help you choose what’s best for your child. For any queries or for more details, please Contact Us.

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