Classcapades is an avant-garde educational centre founded by a vivacious brother-sister duo, Glenson and Lovena, whose academic teaching and corporate training experience exceeds a decade. We endeavour to shape a generation of confident kids who share our passion for the Queen’s language.

Our Vision

Fostering development in children’s creativity and imagination through a fun-filled approach that encourages boundless exploration

Our Mission

Transforming education into an exciting experience while making our classes the escapades that students fervently look forward to

Our Values

What do we do?

We harness the power of every student’s curiosity and joy by fostering a mindset of learning and growth.

Our teachers are friendly and attentive to each child’s needs, and encourage them to participate and express themselves openly. This free-flowing communication builds children’s confidence and hones their ability to interact with their peers in a healthy manner.

Our physical classrooms have also been designed in keeping with our core values. A vibrant rainbow wall greets kids as they enter the room and a pin-up board on the opposite wall features their creations. Children’s desks are arranged in a conference-room style similar to online classes which keeps the interaction two way.

We understand the impact a classroom setup has on growing minds and have consequently structured ours to create a dynamic, stimulating learning environment.

What can you experience through this adventure?

The English Escapades Programme is our flagship offering through which we deliver courses in early reading development, creative writing, vocabulary building and so much more. We also conduct workshops and short courses in general knowledge, mathematics, personality development, languages, character building, English handwriting (cursive and print), calligraphy and hand lettering.

Why Classcapades?

1. Beyond School Curricula:

Classcapades is an enhanced learning avenue. Our courses and teaching approach are tailored to nurture the unique, innate qualities that each child possesses. English, Maths, Science, and Arts are more than mere subjects. They are the tools for a classroom adventure. While we are not a school-curricula-oriented teaching centre, our programmes enable a remarkable improvement in a child’s academic performance.

2. Holistic Development:

The habits and values that children learn early on are those that they will carry for life.
This understanding symbolises our mission to transform education into an exciting experience that creates perceptive, aware and confident learners. We focus on building a robust foundation of reading, writing, listening and reasoning skills which results in the holistic development of a child’s personality.

3. Online and Offline Courses:

Our specialised offline offerings include Creative Writing, Grammar, Handwriting and Mathematics programmes that serve students across various locations in Mumbai.
Experimenting with the best tools and techniques that match the quality of our hands-on approach, we have successfully implemented online teaching methods that are popular with both students and parents!
Our reach has now become international, with our courses being immensely popular in Dubai, Qatar, Singapore and Hong Kong.

4. Feedback-based Improvement Model:

Whichever the mode, our focal point is always the students and what works best for them.
Regardless of platforms or curricula, it is the teaching approach that determines a student’s learning experience. We employ a feedback-based improvement model that reinforces positive, constructive behaviours and gently guides students through the steps towards improvement.