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Math Marvels

Math Marvels is our annual mathematics programme for kids that helps them build a solid mathematical foundation while preparing for competitive examinations. The course is based on the IPM curriculum.

Unlike the formulaic approach of rote learning, we use various interactive and engaging teaching methods that make students look forward to learning mathematics. 


What sets us apart?

1.     Engaging activities that make mathematics fun

2.     Patient guidance for every topic to ensure strong basics

3.     Solving problems through understanding, without resorting to rote learning


Duration: 40 sessions throughout the academic year

Mode: Offline

Ages: Grades 4 to 7

Course Objectives:

1.     Nurturing an affinity for mathematics

2.     Strengthening the fundamentals that will help during higher grades

3.     Perfecting the structure of tackling multiple-choice competitive examinations

4.     Mastering new concepts through easy-to-remember methods


Which course suits you?

For more details on our courses and levels, Contact Us.