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Handwriting Enhancement

The Handwriting Enhancement Programme is one of our most sought-after workshops, focusing on habit building with the correct grip, proper proportions and practice to develop consistency. 

Our methods are tailored to help kids practise and perfect the alphabet in cursive writing and print-type writing.

What sets us apart?

1. Individual Attention

2. Motivational Approach through an Interactive Environment

3. Conducted only during vacation times for convenience 

Duration: 8 days

Mode: Offline

Ages: 6 +

This programme is open to school or college students and any adult who wishes to improve handwriting!

Courses Offered:

  •      Elementary Cursive Handwriting

  •      Intermediate Cursive Handwriting

  •      Advanced Cursive Handwriting

  •      Print-type Handwriting

Which course suits you?

For more details on our courses and levels, Contact Us.