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Reading Development

Classcapades offers structured child reading programmes to make your child a confident, self-assured and independent reader. To overcome the hurdle of the phonemic non-adherence of the English language, we combine phonic and sight-reading strategies to formulate an attention-grabbing, thought-provoking curriculum for our young readers.

Alongside reading, we focus on poetry and elocution, fluency, pronunciation and conversation enhancement for creating a comprehensive English language course for kids.


What sets us apart?

1.     Interactive, energetic learning activities

2.     Enkindling imagination and creative thinking

3.     Motivational, but not examination-oriented 

This programme is offered through two progressive levels.


Courses Offered:

  •      The Young Readers’ Programme

  •      The Budding Readers’ Programme


The Young Readers’ Programme

Duration: 40 sessions throughout the academic year

Mode: Offline

Ages: Senior KG

Course Objectives:

1.     Easing children into the endless world of books and sparking their innate curiosity

2.     Enabling the comprehension of sentences, grammatical structures and high-frequency words

3.     Boosting confidence and encouraging expression in the English language through elocution and poetry recitation activities


The Budding Readers’ Programme

Duration: 40 sessions throughout the academic year

Mode: Offline and Online

Ages: Grade 1

Course Objectives:

1.     Facilitating articulate, confident and grammatically correct conversation

2.     Transforming children into independent readers through activities in phonic reading and sight vocabulary

3.     Strengthening comprehension ability once the reading milestones are achieved

4.     Introducing grammar concepts that are the foundation for proficiency in the language

For more details on our courses and levels, Contact Us.