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Pro Grammar

The Pro Grammar course at Classcapades is an exclusively custom-made programme to help your child master concepts in grammar. 

 The general perception is that grammar is simplistic enough to be taught by rote and does not require extensive study. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Morphology is the basis for any language, and for one as idiosyncratic as English, thorough knowledge of grammatical concepts will help students communicate competently. 

We employ a systematic curriculum that emphasises understanding the function of concepts, technical terms, and analysis of semantic interrelations. Moreover, our classes target grammar improvement for kids by using invigorating teaching methods that imbibe a liking for the language. 

This programme is offered through three progressive levels.

Courses Offered:

  •      Pro Grammar Level 1

  •      Pro Grammar Level 2

  •      Pro Grammar Level 3

What sets us apart?

1.     Understanding the real why’s and how’s so that we’re never confused about grammatical accuracy

2.     Fun-filled activities that boost confidence in interaction while improving grammar

3.     We don’t mug stuff up here. Instead, we peruse texts, deliberate over concepts and disseminate knowledge :)

Pro Grammar Level 1

Duration: 36 sessions throughout the academic year

Mode: Offline and Online

Ages: Grades 3 and 4

Course Objectives:

1.     Grasping and understanding grammatical concepts and the myriad ways they are used

2.     Avoiding dependence on auditory familiarity for grammar-related questions and instead relying on an approach based on rules and analysis

3.     Creating and using fun mnemonics to memorise lists

Pro Grammar Level 2

Duration: 36 sessions throughout the academic year

Mode: Offline and Online

Ages: Grades 5 to 8

Course Objectives:

1.     Improving understanding of grammatical concepts through practice and exercises that enable students to identify rules and exceptions

2.     Promoting organic interest in the study of grammar through games, quizzes and puzzles that make learning enjoyable 

3.     Perfecting grammar exercises and modules from an academic point of view

Pro Grammar Level 3

Duration: 36 sessions throughout the academic year

Mode: Offline and Online

Ages: Open only to students who have completed the Pro Grammar Level 2 course at Classcapades

Course Objectives:

1.     Developing a holistic approach to the study of grammar through exercises that improve students’ oral and written cognition

2.     Mastering the morphology of the English language through module-based assessments

3.     Establishing credibility among peers as a Pro when it comes to Grammar

Which course suits you?

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